10th Grade Tests

English 10 Tests

Practice Test (optional)
  • This is a practice test which allows you to see what an my online tests look like. Each type of question is included in the practice test: Short Answer, True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, and Fill in the Blank.
  • Practicing with this test is recommended but not required.
  • There are 17 questions on the Practice Test.
  • The final grade at the end of the test will not be accurate because of the three open-ended questions that would need to be graded.
  • Hint: Mrs. Fredricks is a huge fan of Sam Houston.
  • Use Access Code: PRACTICE1
  • Be sure to type in your first and last name when you are asked for it.
  • Click here to go to the Practice Test.
Test 3 – Fahrenheit 451 and Elements of Literature Unit 1
  • This is a closed book test. You may not use any aid other than your own memory. How would I know if you were to cheat on the test? We teachers have our ways. Furthermore, you would know, and so would God.
  • Once you open the test, you are to complete it without stopping. So, make sure you have studied well before you begin.
  • I will close down the test at midnight Tuesday evening at which time a person will no longer have access to it. So, make sure you take it before that time.
  • The grade at the end will not be your final grade because I will still need check the open-ended  questions. At the end of the test, it will tell you how many more questions there are that still need to be graded.
  • There are 40 questions on the test and 3 extra credit questions.
  • NOTE: Keep track of the questions you are unsure of. At any time during the test you can click on the “Review” button in the lower right corner, which will enable you to return to all of the questions.
  • Use Access Code:  F451
  • Be sure to type in your first and last name when you are asked for it.
  • Click here to go to the test.