Fahrenheit 451

A Conversation with Ray Bradbury

Answer the following questions as you watch the video “A Conversation with Ray Bradbury.”

  1. What did Bradbury fall in love with at a young age?
  2. What has he done every day for 75 years?
  3. Where did Bradbury write Fahrenheit 451 (specific building and location)?
  4. What do you think he means when he says that the characters “came to him”?
  5. Which character in the book does he consider to be himself?
  6. Near the end (6:32), what does he thank for his life?
  7. Based on this brief interview, what do you think his worldview might be?
  8. During the video, Ray Bradbury states, “If you didn’t have books and the ability to read, you couldn’t be part of any civilization. You couldn’t be part of a democracy.” Do you think he’s right? Why or why not?
  9. Think about the book, Fahrenheit 451, and Mr. Bradbury’s comments, what do you think is one of the themes of the book? List as many as you would like.
Movie trailer to Fahrenheit 451